Birmingham Foster Carers TV Surprise

Two of our foster carers, Mandy and Colin Blair, have been surprised on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway as they heard they had won an All Inclusive TUI or Marella Cruises holiday in a historic and heart-warming television moment.

Mandy and Colin were surprised alongside 40 other foster carers from around the UK who were all sitting in the audience with a ‘Takeaway Getaway.’

Ant told the camera: “Here in section D of our audience… everybody in this section has one thing in common. They don’t know it, but you’re all foster families and you’ve fostered – check this out – over 5,500 children. We think you’re incredible, thank you very much.”

Mandy and Colin have dedicated 22 years to fostering children in the West Midlands area, welcoming over 300 into their home across two decades, with many having additional special needs. When asked directly after the show how they felt, they said: ‘’It was shocking, we weren’t expecting that at all. It’s a fabulous surprise, this is something we do day in and day out and that we love so it’s really special.’’

Mandy added: ‘’We live and breathe fostering, we’ve welcomed lots of children, with different levels of needs which has varied from respite care, emergency care, short-term and long-term care. We take the children on holidays around the world as we want to show them the world and it’s something we’ll continue to do until we retire, although I might not retire until I’m 100.’’

When asked where they might take their family on holiday, Mandy said: ‘’I’m sure the kids would love a cruise, maybe the Mediterranean, I’d like Mexico – the world is our Oyster!’’

Huge congratulations to Mandy and Colin from everyone here in Birmingham!

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