Birmingham Fostering curve.

We understand that it can be confusing deciding which agency to foster with, but it is worth considering that Birmingham Children’s Trust are responsible for all of the children who come into care in Birmingham.

This means that when a child needs a foster family in Birmingham, we will always look to our own in-house foster carers first and will only look further afield when we have explored every possible option of meeting the child’s needs from our in-house carers first.

This means that our foster carers are more likely to get regular placements within their preferred age range.

In the last year, 90% of our new carers have had a foster child placed with them within two weeks of being available to foster.

We do not profit from children

Unlike many of the other agencies we are a non-profit organisation, which means every penny of our funding goes towards safeguarding and improving the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people in the city.

We keep local children with local carers

When looking at which agency to foster with, ask them if the children that will be placed with them are local as many agency carers have children from Coventry, Stoke, Nottingham and even further afield which often results in children struggling to get used to a new area as they are away from their friends and family, and can have very long journeys to and from school.

At Birmingham Children’s Trust we keep local children with local carers so you will only have Birmingham children placed with you.

Size matters

It is also worth considering the size of the agency; we are the biggest Children’s Service in the UK and are committed to the development of our staff who are therapeutically trained in order that they can understand and support you with the care of the children you foster.

We aim high

We put our children at the heart of everything we do and believe that every child should reach their full potential. Therefore, we set the standards high for our carers and staff to ensure we get the best out of them.   


Upcoming Information Events

We hold a full calendar of information evenings throughout the year for people who are considering fostering.


12th Sep

Information Event

Harvest Fields Centre, Sutton Coldfield, B75 5TJ


19th Sep

Information Event

Online via Teams

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Birmingham Fostering curve.