Fostering Children with Disabilities

We had discussed fostering before Covid and finally decided to take the jump in 2020. We’ve not looked back! Kellie and I have spent many years working in a special school; around 49 years between us. We always wanted children but between us couldn’t have any of our own. We decided that by fostering children with disabilities we could potentially love many children. Give them a good start in life, a loving family, a place to be themselves and hopefully to thrive.

Becoming foster carers

Kellie met a couple who were foster carers and they had a very handsome but complex little boy. That day she fell in love with him, and had a long conversation about fostering children with disabilities. These foster carers were in the process of retiring but were worried he may find finding another foster family difficult due to his complexities. At this point Kellie expressed an interest in potentially taking this young man on if we completed the fostering assessment and were successful. Kellie rang me at work and told me about him. Without a second thought I said yes.

Once we had completed the assessment and were approved foster carers the Trust were still searching for a forever home for this little man. From then on the transition process started and at Christmas time he moved in. We were greatly supported by our families, the young man’s ‘then’ foster carers, our Supervising Social Worker, and the child’s Social Worker.

Our experience of fostering children with disabilities

It didn’t feel real at first having such a small child in the house full time but here he was with his personality shining through. This small boy aged 2 unable to sit up, move independently or eat and drink was in our family.  

This young man had many diagnoses but none of them stopped him being him. Our new routine started with the school bus collecting him, 5 enteral feeds a day, physiotherapy, and being a family all rolled into one. It was busy, but great!

Over the first six months we followed all recommendations made by all his health professionals. Slowly but surely his taste buds came alive and he finally ate his first Petits Filous! This was a massive achievement for such a complex child. Over the next 12 months we kept working on his oral feeding and at each dietician appointment his enteral feeds were reduced. One and half years later he eats a full minced and moist diet and drinks thickened fluids from a cup.  

Not only has his eating progressed, his strength and mobility have improved threefold. Between the support he receives at school and from us at home he is no longer needing us to lift and move him around. He has impressed us all and definitely gone above some health professionals and our thinking of what he is able to achieve. 

He can sit up, bum shuffle, crawl, cruise around furniture and even take plenty of steps supported by his walking frame. Little man also has about 6 signs, who knows where he will go, how he will communicate when seen by the speech and language team. Success any which way. Did we mention that he has the most amazing smile and contagious laugh; everyone who meets him loves his laugh!

Our advice

For anyone thinking of fostering children with disabilities, go on and take that step! One small step from you could mean lots of big steps forward for a child like our little man. A child’s differences may appear daunting on paper but just wait until you meet one of them and you’ll know that they’re right to join your family, short or long-term. 

The support you may require is out there and there are lots of groups for families of children with disabilities out there too. Some run activities during holidays and varying groups have Whatsapp support. We may not be experts, but would like to think we could help you too!  


We are actively recruiting foster carers for children with disabilities. If you are interested in finding out more about this rewarding role we would love to hear from you!

Our foster carers receive a competitive financial package as well as ongoing specialist training and support.

Call our dedicated recruitment team today on 0121 303 7575 or enquire online!

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