My Journey as a Foster Parent

The Journey Begins

My journey started over twenty years ago as a long-term foster parent. I embarked on a remarkable journey that allowed me to make a tangible difference in the life of a child who needed love, stability and support.

When I decided to become a foster parent, I knew that it would not be an easy path. However, I was driven by a deep desire to make a positive impact on a child’s life and offer them a safe and nurturing environment.

The moment I met my foster child for the first time is one that will forever remain etched in my memory. Wide eyed and filled with a mixture of apprehension and hope, I knew that I had an incredible responsibility ahead of me.

Twenty something years later, my long-term foster parent journey shifted into permanency and moving on to University. Watching my foster children progress, whether it was in academic achievements, emotional resilience, or personal development brought much joy. It was at this point that I shifted into my current role as an Emergency Carer.

Building Trust

Building trust is essential in any relationship for a child who has experienced trauma or instability – I recognise this is difficult to establish. Therefore, in the role of an Emergency Carer, when I receive a telephone call outside of the usual working hours looking for a placement for a child, patience, empathy and consistency are the some of the strategies that are used to make a child feel welcome into my home environment.

Navigating Challenges

My focus is to create opportunities for a child to feel hopeful, valued and safe, providing the environment for a stable foundation for their emotional well-being.

As with any journey challenges arise along the way, some challenges include helping the child adjust to new surroundings with limited information about the circumstances or the child in question. Moreover, helping them to adjust to a new routine without triggering emotional scars.

Furthermore, having the patience to be supportive and the commitment to do what is best for a child within a short space of time. Lastly, at times feeling vulnerable or triggered by information shared regarding the child.

A Lasting Impact

I recall listening to a child who spoke about her experience of moving many times and not being considered for the little things like having personalised items that she did not have to give back or leave behind – this inspired me to utilise my passion for crafting to produce personalised items that have the potential to create positive memories. I try to incorporate their preferences and favourite colours into the items, also involve the child in some of the activities. The image at the top of this article are some of the ideas I have used to enhance the personalised experience.

Whilst its hard to say goodbye, knowing that I have made a lasting impact regardless of how long or short their stay. The experience can be a solid foundation that would continue to shape their future.


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