Step-Up for our Young People

At Birmingham Children’s Trust every child deserves to be part of a family. However, many young people are still living in residential homes and are waiting for the chance to feel the warmth and security of a loving home. We want to fix this by recruiting more foster carers for the Step-Up Scheme.

The Step-Up Scheme has been created to bridge the gap between young people’s residential homes and foster families, providing children a safe and loving home. It focuses massively on matching young people with foster carers who are prepared to meet their unique needs. This scheme is not just about providing a temporary place to stay; it’s about creating a supportive and permanent environment in which the child can blossom with your help and encouragement. It’s about giving the child a family they need.

Liz Brownlees has been a Step-Up Foster Carer for five years and has worked in children’s social care for about 20 years, directing and managing children’s homes. She has shared what it’s been like fostering as part of the scheme:

“It’s coming up to five years now since being part of the Fostering Scheme. There was a little boy that lived in one of my children’s homes. We felt he was ready to be fostered however, we just couldn’t find a match. We kept looking and looking but no-one came forward for him. So, then I was asked if it was something I would consider if they created a specialist scheme for foster carers to take children who are coming from children’s homes. So, it’s something that me and my husband considered. We decided yes let’s go for it. We ended up fostering the little boy and another young man at the home. So that’s how it began.

We’ve just continued from there, since the first two boys, we have gone on to foster three more children through the Step-Up Scheme. Being able to give these children the opportunity to live in a family rather than an institution.

It’s about that emotional resilience. You do have to be thick-skinned, and I’d say very open-minded. Always remind yourself that whatever you are going through with the kids it will pass, it won’t always be difficult because you will go through every emotion with them. Emotionally holding them though those difficult experiences, that’s powerful. The message that it sends to our children that we will stick by you, no matter what, it’s life changing. This is the most viable career, and you make more of a difference to these kids than you ever would in a residential home.”

The Step-Up Scheme represents a positive change for young people in residential homes, offering them a chance to experience love and stability within a family. Become a Step-Up Foster Carer and transform a young person’s life. If you have ever thought or considered fostering, with the correct training and enough support, now is the time to make a lasting difference. Will you Step-Up?

Call our dedicated recruitment team today on 0121 303 7575 or enquire online.

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