Top tips for a smooth transition back to school

Returning to school after the summer holidays can be difficult for any child, but for Children in Care this can be a particularly anxious and challenging time of year.

This blog offers some top tips to help you make your child’s transition from summer holidays to school as smooth as possible.

1. Talk to your child

Ask how they are feeling about going back to school. Are they worried or do they feel scared about anything? Are they excited about seeing their friends? No matter how your child feels, let them know that you understand, and you will help them work through any worries together.

2. Develop a routine

Routine not only gives children a sense of security, but also helps to develop self-discipline. Going back to school and beginning in a new school year can be very daunting for Children in Care. To help combat this, talk through your child’s new routine with them. Decide what time is best to get them up in the morning, advise them how they will get to and from school, talk to them about any new teachers, classes etc. they may have etc.  

3. Get them involved

Letting children pick their new school shoes or pencil case will help them to feel more in control of going back to school.

4. Consider fun activities

Reframe going back to school as exciting. Find out what extracurricular activities go on at their school and see if they would be interested in participating. Do they love sport, music or art perhaps? Often there are teams, clubs and groups that they can get involved in and have fun!

5. Develop a relationship with the school

We know our foster carers are great advocates for the children they look after at school. Talk to your child’s teachers about any possible challenges – you should find teachers are very understanding and will work with your child throughout the year to ensure it’s a successful one.

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